Professional Activities


a) The fabrication of Contemporary mosaics either of personal works or in collaboration with other artists, or for other artist projects, architects, designers, private studios, cultural associations. Exhibitions specific to mosaics.

July 1980. After obtaining his high school diploma, he is invited by the studio of Carlo Signorini of Ravenna, for the completion of a large scale mosaic « San Michele » ( today exhibited in the Peace Park in Ravenna) in the residence of Bruno Saetti, Montepiano (PT).  The artist invites him to his studio to help with the mosaic frescos. The works are worked une the direction of  the artist Giuliano Babini.


Summer 1981, he participates in the fabrication of a mosaic pavement under the direction of the artist Marco De Lucaand the architect Pino Lucchifrom Riccione, (RI).


In 1983, he works on the fabrication of large scale mosaics according to the cartoons of Mimmo Paladino, made in the studio of in Ravenna. The same year he is commissioned to fabricate mosaics for the artists Mario Schifano,Paolo D’Orazio, André Deville. He collaborates with the Mosaic Association of Ravenna (of which he is a founding member) to the fabrication of a It was made according to a project design study by “Studio Alchimya”then later exhibited at the Triennale of Milan.


In 1984-1985 with the artist Stefano Mazzotti, he fabricates 25 mosaics, the < prototypes> of the works of the artist Afro Basaldella.The mosaics were presented in various exhibitions and published in many official catalogues.

In collaboration with other mosaic artists he fabricates for Germany 15 < Way of the Cross> in mosaics, according to the projects of Paolo D’Orazio. With the Mosaic Association of Ravenna he participates to the fabrication of the 5 altarpieces for the the Studio Alchimya. Again in collaboration with the Mosaic Association of Ravenna, he participates in the execution of decorated furnitures pour the same sponsor.  Today it is part of a permanent installation at the Museum of Ravenna (MAR).


In 1986, in collaboration with the International Association of Contemporary Mosaic Artists, and with the group of young mosaic artists, he realizes a mosaic pavement of 300 square meters according to a drawing by the artist Mimmo Paladinodestined for an urban zone in Ravenna which is known as : Peace Park.


In 1987, he fabricates a mosaic for the artist Vittorio D’Augusta andMassimo Nannucci. The same year he collaborated again with the Mosaic Association of Ravenna in the making of a mosaic under the project for Studio Alchimya, it was then exhibited in Los Angeles.


In 1989, upon request of the heirs of Franco Gentilini, he fabricates a mosaic according to his work, , exhibited in the refectory of San Vitale of Ravenna during an event directed by Vittorio Sgarbi.The work was then edited in the catalogue of the exhibition.


In 1990-1991, he fabricates 2 mosaics for the artist Tommaso Cascella.

In 1993 he is commissioned to fabricate a personal project, a mosaic for the central part of the church of Brando (FE)


From 1990 to 2000he commits himself to teaching, mosaic exhibition projects and to his personal works.


In2000with the the house of of Umberto Morescalchi, he opens in Cararra an experimental studio for mosaics and stone, of which he is the artistic director.


In 2000-2001 he continues to collaborate with various artists and fabricates two mosaics for the French artist Jean Gaudaire Thor(of which one mosaic was purchased by the Museum of Sens, France). He fabricates for “Pietraviva” a mosaic rug according to his personal drawing for the restaurant in Cararra.


In 2002, he fabricates for the The Nursing Home of Cararra, in collaboration with the house Pietra Viva, eight mosaics by contemporary artists: Tiziano Campi, Fernando De Filippi, Andrea Granchi, Aldo Grazzi, Ugo La Pietra, Luciano Lattanzi, Antonello Pelliccia, Enzo Tinarelli. Between April and May, he produces a personal mosaic (65cm X 450cm) to cover the wall panel of the bar in the restaurant in Cararra.

During the summer in Bordeaux he fabricates a mosaic using ceramic tiles with the artist Yann Le Botlan.


In 2003 he fabricates a three dimensional curtain for the restaurant in Carrara, where he also has a personal mosaic exhibition of his works during the official opening.

In June, during the Ravenna Festival, he participates in the exhibition of master mosaicists by fabricating a fountain in mosaic. (curator : Sabina Ghinassi)

In October in Bordeaux, he participates with the exhibition of a rug mosaic at the 73rdmeeting of Independent Artists in Aquitaine in Saint Rémi, Bordeaux.


In 2004, he realizes his first solo personal mosaic exhibition titled < Essere Tessere> near the Sala dei Putti, Town hall of Pietrasanta, Lucques. For this occasion a catalogue is published with all his mosaic works (Essegi, RA, publishers). He fabricates a mosaic rug in his gallery near via Beccheria in Carrara.


In 2005 he realizes for the Nursing Home of Carrara in the mosaic series Emblema, by Floriano Bodini andFrancesco Siani. In collaboration with the students from the School of Marble of Carrara, he creates a mosaic pavement simulating to a white draped sheet.

In April he participates in a contemporary mosaic exhibition at the Maison de la Culture, Marseille, France. (cat.) Then he is commissioned to fabricate 25 marble sculptures and mosaics with PietraViva.


Since 2006, he works in collaboration with the painters Bruno Ceccobelli and  Jean Gaudaire –Thorwith whom he creates a mosaic for the Banque Populaire de Paris. He exhibits his mosaics at the Gallery Hugo, the village of Teste du Buch in France.


Between 2006-2007, the Emblema series of mosaics from the nursing home of Carrara gets enriched with the works Pier Giorgio Balocchi, Carla Crosio, Erica Bosio, Francesco Cremoni, Victor Lucena, Graziano PompiliThis collection is exhibited during the 28thedition of the International Marble Fair of Carrara. (cat.) He fabricates a mosaic for the artist Omar Galliani for his private residence. He participates in the Interior Design Fair in Moscow with the three dimensional mosaic curtain.


In 2008he produces personal mosaics, exhibits a mosaic during the event Carnet de Voyage at L’E.S.P.A.C.E Peiresc of Toulon. (cat.). In France he organizes at the Church Saint Liberal in Brive-la-Gaillarde (Limousin) in France, a personal exhibition, Palpitations of light, with approximately thirty mosaics (video on Correze television). He is invited to participate at the Contemporary Mosaic exhibition with five of his mosaics at the experimental Pole of artisans at Nontron, (Périgord Vert), France. He fabricates a mosaic dedicated to the sculptor Ugo Guidiexhibited at the Villa Schiff, Montignoso MS. ( cat.)

In September for the occasion of the European Heritage Day, a large scale marble mosaic is permanently installed at the Contemporary Sculpture Park in Casa ai Venti, Monticiano, Sienna.


In 2009, he has a solo exhibition of the mosaics, in the church at Pio Suffrage de Bagnacavallo, Ravenna. The catalogue is presented by the art critic Nicola Micieli.

In October he is invited to the first edition of the Festival of Contemporary Mosaics in Ravenna with his mosaics, his installations (with posters of his mosaic works for the restaurant Tarasbì)  and his architectural fabrications (with the fountain CarraRavenna, in the gardens of the library Oriani).


In 2010, he exhibits a series of 20 hearts made of marble and mosaics for his personal exhibition for Saint Valentines at the Ugo Guidi Museum and at the Loghos Hotel in  Forte dei Marmi, Lucques, Italy.( cat. Limited Edition l)

Between August and September, he organizes a personal exhibition . He is invited by the director of the city museum Marzia Rattiat the castle San Giorgio at La Spezia to speak about a recent restoration work of a roman mosaic (Nymphs of a marine monster) from the roman city of Luni (SP).

In October he is invited by the Association les 3 R to exhibit at the Chapel of Saint-Eman in Chartres, France. A retrospective of his mosaic works < From Carrara and beyond>, is presented by Jean Arrouye. He also participates at the exhibition of the Rencontres International in Chartres.


In 2011he produces for the Biennale of Design of Carrara (curator Aldo Colonetti) entitled a baldaquin, with two curtains in a double faced sculpture made of white marble. In a private garden he fabricates a mosaic fountain entitled presentation text by Claudio Giumelli.


In June he participates in the exhibition Nel chiostro, with several mosaics at Monticiano Sienna, and at Colle Val d’Elsa Montalcion in September: ‘sacred art’ organized by Marinao Apa.(cat.)

In September, invited by the city hall and the Association of France-Italy-Aquitaine, he organizes a personal mosaic exhibition entitled at the Maison L. Davide at Anernos-les-Bains, alongside a photography exhibition about the extraction of marble in Carrara.

In October he is invited to the second edition of the International Mosaic Biennale in Ravenna where he exhibits the baldaquin-entrance. (cat.) He inaugurates also the mosaic fabricated by his students at the Academy of Fine Arts of Ravenna. The is a six meter long pilar installed in the residences of La Compagnia di S.Giorgio in Ravenna.


In 2012he participates in the 9thedition of the Rencontres Internationales of mosaics in Chartres.


In 2013he participates in the VIIth edition of the international exhibition Mosaico Oggi, presided by Fernanda Tollemetoin Bracciano near Rome where he is part of the scientific committee.

In May he participates in a personal exhibition out of competition, at the IV International Mosaic Art Competition Pictor Imaginarius presided by Alessandro Lugariand is part of the jury at the Museo del Fiume in Nazzano, Rome. ( cat.)

In June, he organizes the exhibition Musivamente1 which brings together the mosaics of contemporary mosaic artists, (the text from the catalogue by Giovana Riu) on the occasion of the event Marbleweek 2013, in a space for art in Beccheria, in Carrara (MS)

In September he organizes a solo exhibition of his mosaics and paintings entitled < Blinded Ocean> at the Convent of Minimes at the Citadel of Blaye, (33) in France, with the support of the Association France-Italy-Aquitaine, Mosaïque Magazine and the Ugo Guidi Museum.

In October he participates in the third edition of the International Biennale of Contemporary mosaics in Ravenna . He is also curator during the same event of Attraversare il Tempo: Emblemarepresenting 16 mosaics of contemporary artists for the open public spaces, in the Franciscans cloister. With Alberto Zorzihe organizes the exhibition Magic Matter at the church St. Eufemia representing the works by the muses of the students of the Academy  of Fine Arts of Ravenna with the work entitled , a flexible marble rug reminiscent of the Unswept Floor.


In 2014he participates in the exhibition organized by ANFFS of Carrara with a mosaic based on the theme of the concentration camps, next to the arayne shelters of Massa. In April he exhibits his mosaics at the Tutto Casa Fair, at Marine of Carrara. In June he organizes Musivamente2, In the Quarries and the Heart, with Graziano Guiso, during the event Marbleweek 2014, in the art space In Beccheria (cat.) In October, he participates in the 10thedition of the Rencontre International de la mosaïque in Chartres, France.


In 2015, he organizes an exhibition of 24  mosaics a series Words from the heart at the Chapel des Granges at Pralognan la Vanoise, and at La Maison de la Mosaïque Contemporaine at Paray-le-Monial (France).

In April, he exhibits at the library M. Goia de Cervia-Ravenna, Amore che asSale, bringing back to life books ruined by a flood (10 new works with heart-books). ( presentation  by Aldo Savini).  He participates with a mosaic at the VI edition International Mosaic Competition: Pictor imaginarieus, Museo del Fiume, Nazzano-Rome under the direction of Alessandro Lugari.

In August he is invited by Gérard Brand, he presents a retrospective exhibition of contemporary mosaics at Gerstheim, for the event of the VII biennale of Obernai, near the church of Saint-Denis of Gerstheim (Alsace) France. (Cat.Text by Renée Antoine). He participates also at the VII edition of the Biennale of Obernai of the exhibition Bilbliomosaico.

In October he participates in the fourth edition of the International Festival of Contemporary Mosaics in Ravenna, Italy in the Palazzo Rasponi with the  (project fabricated with the students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Ravenna. He also is part of a collective exhibition of taking place at the bookstore Il Girasole, in Ravenna.

In December he is invited by the art critique Giorgio Bonomito exhibit a mosaic work at VIIth Edition of the International  Lìmen Prize, in the category in the city of Vibo Valencia in Calabria. (cat.)


In 2016. February he participates in the exhibition mosaiCONtempo, at the Italian Cultural Institute in Prague.

In May he participates at the fifth edition of Concorso Pictor Imaginarius at the Museo del Fiume di Nazzano, (Rome) and participates in the 10th anniversary celebration of L’École de mosaïque of Montpellier, Théâtre de la mer, Sète, France.( cat.)

From July to September he participates in the exhibition Par quatre chemin, (A. Fourrier, D. Maclnnes, J. Barguil) with a room dedicated to his personal show, at the Tour Saint-Nicolas, Paray-le Monial, France. (the text in the catalogue is by Gianfranco Angelucci).

In August he exhibits two works at La memoria della presenza, Padiglione Contemporary Art, San Vito Chietino-CH (curated by Maria Mancini).

In December-January 2017 he organizes a solo exhibition retrospective entitled Note musive e pittoriche, mosaics, painting and works on paper 1981-2016. A room was dedicated to his mosaic works. It took place in Il Mercato, Argenta-Fe. He also organized mosaic workshops for schools and the general public (The text in the catalogue is by Valeria Tassinari) He also organized mosaic workshops for schools and the general public, there were 180 participants in total.   


In June 2017, to mark the great master mosaic artist Sergio Cicognani’s 90th birthday he organises with Felice Nittolo an exhibition paying tribute to him at the NiArt Gallery in Ravenna.

( texte in catalogue :F. Nittolo – E.Tinarelli, C. Cerritelli, L. Gavioli)  

In August he is invited by the artist Gérard Brand, Tinarelli is the curator of the exhibition for the students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Ravenna. He organised the exhibition « Mosaic, Tradition, Research, Experimentation », ( with the works of 17 former students) The VII International Mosaic Bienale in Obernai (Alsace). The catalogue of the works is by Enzo Tinarelli in three languages, edited by the Academy of Fine Arts of Ravenna, 66pages.


He exhibits his mosaics at « Artists from Ravenna » travelers on the Flaminia, roman baths, Bevagna-Spoleto PG, ( curatorF. Troiano).

In September he is comissioned by  Simonetta Salierathe president of the Legislative Assembly of the Emiglia-Romagna region to realise a mosaic themed on « Byzantine Travels ». This work was gifted to the Patriarch of Constantinople on occasion of his lecture which took place in the region og Bologna.

In September in the continuation of « nuove acquisizioni musive » at the MAR museum. His work entitled« griglia estetica feticizzata »  from 1988 is now part of the permanent collection in the museum of the city of Ravenna by the director Linda Kniffiz.

In October during the Vth edition of the International mosaic bienale « Ravennamosaico » withthe Academy of Fine Arts of Ravenna he realises with his students a mosaic for Mario Nanni, artist from Bologna.

During « Ravennamosaico » he realises an outside manifestation exhibition-installation « immersione che asSale » . A Romagnol table draped with romagniol print mosaic tablecloth immersed in the natural waters of the crypt of the church of Saint Francis as well as 10 spontanious works created with a selection from his collection of books damaged during a flood. This exhibition was seen by some 30,000 people. (text and catalogue :  don Ivo Laurentini,and Gianfranco Angelucci).:

In October he is invited to the fair of sacred art “Devotio” –Tessere, Fair in Bologna, Italy (catalogue by . Giovanni Gardini, V. Zattini

In November he exhibits his mosaics at ARTOUR-O il Murst, XXVI° edition. Funchal Madeira-Portugal. ( catalogue curatorTiziana Leopizzi)

b) Restorations of antique and modern mosaics sponsored by private studios and under the directions of the Academy of Fine Arts or direct sub contracts.

In 1982-1983, he collaborates for the restoration of ancient mosaic pavements from the roman period for the Archeology Museum in Brindisi, commissioned by the studio ‘La Mosaïque” of Ravenna.


In 1983at Exhternack in Luxembourg, he collaborates for the safeguard and restoration of a roman mosaic pavement with the studio ‘La Mosaïque”. The same year he starts the work of salvaging and restoring a large mosaic found during excavations of S. Maria del Buonconsiglio,  discovered in Bari.


In 1984, the restorations for the Echternack mosaic are finished as well as the ones of Bari.


Between 1985and 1986 he collaborates with the Mosaic Association of Ravenna to the revival and the restoration of mosaics of contemporary artists made during the fifties in Ravenna. Today they are on permanent exhibition at the Pinacothèque of Ravenna (MAR).


In 1987he is personally put in charge by the heirs, to restore a large scale work dating from 1939 by the artist Felice Casorati. The work is located next to the monumental cemetery of Turin. The restoration was executed with materials and supports made of advanced technology. He collaborated with Stefano Mazzotti. The work is published in the article by Giorgio Bonomiin the specialized magazine “Art et dossier”, n. 39, 1989.


Between 1997and1999, he is responsible in the restoration of a few Venetian pavements (the venetian method)  in the style of Liberty at the headquarters of A.N.F.F.A.S of Carrara, and in a few private residences.


In 2012he is commissioned by the town hall of Massa as an expert for the restoration of a mosaic pavement dating from 1938, , which is located in the center of the city of Aranci. The works were executed by the company Pietraviva s.r.l of Carrara.


c) Organization and participation in congresses, courses, stages, conferences.

In 1987 he participates in the congress <Afro and mosaic- meaning and problems of interpretation by the means of mosaic of a great artistic personality>; the congress is organized by the Industrial Association of Udine.


In 1992, during his personal exhibition <A look on Ravenna> in Toulon, he organizes a series of conferences on mosaics with the participation of Jean Arrouye, Henri Lavagne, Maurizio Nicosia, Isotta Roncuzzi Fiorentini, Giovanni Montanari, Simon Lantieri( E.s.p.a.c.e. et Relais Peiresc, Toulon).


In 1997-1998he conceives and organizes for the I.S.O.G.E.A. An organization for professional development training of Sassari, Sardagnia, the CEE, a 900 hours class (it took 2 years to develop): <The Art of Glass Mosaics>, as a qualified professor in artistic mosaics.


In 1998 he organizes a debate on mosaic with the artist Riccardo Licata along with the students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara.


In 1999, he gives a conference course, <Technique and Typology in the Art of Mosaics>, held in the frame of the course Techniques in Sculpture at the Acadamy of Fine Arts of Turin.


In 2000, he is invited in Ravenna to the <VII Congress of the International Association of Mosaic Artists> to give a conference entitled: < Mosaics in the third millennium, forgoing the determinative article?> ( cat.)


In 2001 from March 2 to the 9th, during the European exchange program Socrates-Erasmus he gives a conference: < Mosaic as a problem of definition> and organizes a class for the School of Fine Arts of Bordeaux.

In May and June he organizes and documentary exhibition and a workshop on the history of mosaic art at the public library of Biganos, France.


In 2001-2002 he gives for Masterform, and organization for professional training in Carrara, a course of 350 hours entitled < The Art of Marble Mosaics>. As a professor of decorative mosaics he is also responsible for the class in the training of professional installations of ceramic mosaics for the construction site < Parco dei Giganti>, of Marco Pellizzolaat Cento, Ferrara. ( cat.skira)


In 2002 between April 5 and 12, in the exchange program Socrates-Erasmus, he teaches a class and animates a workshop on the theme: < Mosaic: from spatial flexibility to physical flexibility>, at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bordeaux.

October 7-12 he is invited by the School of Large scale  Public Buildings of Branquefort, in France, to organize a class- workshop entitled < Artistic Mosaics Using Ceramics>.


In 2003, (September 28-29) he is member of the jury for the first <International Competition of Mosaics Using Italian Marble> between Pietrasanta, (Lu) and San Francisco and exhibits a few personal mosaics during this competition.


In 2003 ( 2004  et 2005) he conceives and organizes a 300 hour course for professional training entitled <Artistic Mosaics in Stone> at the Professional Marble Institute- P. Tacca, in Carrara, financed by the Foundation of Savings Bank of Carrara.


In 2004 at the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara he organizes a series of conferences with experts in the field of mosaics: < For a History of Artistic Mosaics in Carrara>. With the participation of Annamaria Durante, Enrico Dolci, Isotta Roncuzzi Fiorentini, Federica Sarasini, Luciano Cavallaro, the studio of Akomenaof Ravenna; (he is responsible for the publication of the subjects during these conferences).


In 2005, (April 4-8) as an expert in mosaics he is again involved at the School of Large Scale Public Buildings of Blanquefort, France and organizes a class for his students  of <mosaics with ceramics> for a fountain made of concrete.

On July 3 he holds a conference on contemporary mosaics with Luciano Cavallaroat the studio of Ilario Fioravanti, entitled < La Casa Dell Upupa>, Sorrivoli, Cesena FC. He participates in the Italian-Japanese exhibition of <Mosaicoceramica> in different sites around Ravenna, in particular the House of Oriani. He organizes a series of conferences on the history of mosaics in Carrara with Luciano Cavallaro, Isotta Roncuzzi Fiorentini, Federica Sarasini, Giovanni Montanari, Massimiliano Casavecchia, Felice Nittolo,and he is responsible for the publication of the talks given during the conferences.


In 2006 he organizes an exhibition of student mosaics according to the works of Jean Gaudaire Thor and a large scale reproduction of a roman mosaic from the roman city of Luni near the marble school in Carrara.


In 2007 he teaches at the Marble Institute for the elective course in mosaics.


In 2008, during a personal exhibition, < Palpitations of the light> at Brive-la Gaillarde, he organizes a series of meetings and lessons (June 5-6) with students from the city on the subject of history, mosaic techniques. October 9 he is invited by the Mosaic School of Montpellier (France) at the Villa-Loupian Museum for a conference entitled < Mosaics, tradition, innovation, art technique: the definitions>.


In 2009 during the European exchange program Socrates-Erasmus he gives a conference entitled: <Reflections on the art of contemporary mosaics: art, design, contaminations: methodological techniques between tradition and innovation. ( for a French audiance)

< Mosaics as a problem of definition> at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Seville, Spain. During his personal exhibition < Piste musive> at Bagnacavallo, Ravenna Italy, he organizes a conference entitled < History, techniques, tradition, innovation in the mosaics of Ravenna.


In 2010 he organizes a workshop for his students in their final year at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna for the fabrication of a sculptural urban mosaic, <Draghiland>. In May he gives a conference on the body of his artistic works at the Academy of Fine Art of Carrara in the frame of courses on the Pedagogy and the Didactics of Art and the History of Art. (professor. A. Laghi, A. Malfatti)


In 2011 he becomes the coordinator of Made Mosaic ( Spazio Made)  for the company Ligeri marbles, a center for training in various typologies of courses and fabrication of marble mosaics in Carrara. In April, during the European exchange program Socrates-Erasmus he gives a conference entitled: < The Art of Contemporary Mosaics: art, design, architecture: innovative techniques between tradition and innovation> at the Faculty of Engineering at the Academy of Fine Arts of Valencia, Spain.

In July he gives a course of 35hours entitled: < Matter transforms itself> at the mosaic school in Montpellier, and in September following the same theme at “M comme Mosaïque” at Paray-le-Monial. In September in during his exhibition “Light and Matter” at Andernos-les-bans, he hosts several meetings in schools teaching students on the history of art and mosaics. In December he gives classes for the schools of that region at Spazio Made of Ortanovo. SP.


In 2012, (april 12-18) during the European exchange program Socrates-Erasmus he gives a series of conferences on the art of mosaics: < Techniques, tradition, and contemporary applications> at the faculty in Mimar Sinan Fine Art University, Istanbul, Turkey.

On April, at Spazio Made, he is attributed first prize < Mosaic Moon City>, to each of his 6 participating classes to the musive stage and are fabricated in two studios of two large scale marble mosaics for two schools.

In May –June during Carrara Marble Week 2012, he organizes in the historical center of Carrara a collective exhibition <Emblema: 16 mosaics by independent artists for public spaces> for the Nursing Home of Carrara and a personal exhibition in the art space of Beccheria, paintings, mosaics, and on the ground a 40sq meter mosaic of a rug and a flag.

In July, he gives a 35 hour class entitled < Matter transforms itself> at the mosaic school of Montpellier.


In 2012/2013 he is nominated Professor in the course of the Techniques in mosaics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna with a didactic project together with the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara and Bologna.

In 2013, he becomes artistic advisoer for the French magazine Mosaique Magazine.

During the didactic project at the Academy of Fine Arts of Ravenna: Open Garden, fragment of landscapes, on the 26 of February he presents a conference by Marco Pellizzolaon <The Park of the Giants> for the local authorities of Ravenna.

In March, he is invited to the scientific committee for the event Mosaics of Today at Bracciano-Rome, (curator Fernanda Tollemeto). During a seminar study conference, he gives a study on March 21 entitled: Reflections on mosaics of today: art, training, perspectives. In April he gives two lessons and does mosaic demonstrations at the Comprensive Institute of Ortonovo. He is invited by the professor Graziano Guisoon a musicale note   with whom he participates in the installation of a mosaic made by the students, on the walls outside of Spazio Made.

In May (25-26) he is member of the jury of the commission at the IV edition of the International Mosaic Competition near the Il Museo del Fiume, where he has a personal mosaic exhibition (curator Alessandro Lugari). With the group Mosaïque Art he organizes a tour for the magazine Mosaïque Magazine. At the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravanna he animates an intensive class in which the participants fabricate a mosaic: < The road of mosaics> (60cmX250cm) according to a drawing by Gille Antoine.

Animated by Ravenna Antica and the Academy of Fine Arts of Ravenna,  still on the series of conversations on didactics, he gives a conference entitled: “Mosaic: The Dissemination of a Tradition: formative and therapeutic experiences”, near the TAMO Museum in Ravenna.

In July he gives a course in mosaics entitled: From Raw Material to Mosaic at the mosaic school in Montpellier, France. In September he gives the same stage entitled: From Matter to Mosaic at the Maison de la Mosaïque Contemporaine at Paray-le-Monial, France.

In September and October during a personal exhibition of paintings and mosaics entitled <Blinded Oceans> he organizes 2 conferences for the professor Robert Castello demonstrations/workshop on greek-roman mosaics and medieval mosaics. He gives demonstrations various schools in Blaye, France.

In October during the Biennale of Contemporary Mosaics in Ravenna, he participates in seminars between Italian and foreign cities with the conference theme of Why do we continue to make and teach mosaics. With the conference entitled <Reflections on Mosaics: art and training.

In October, he gives mosaic classes for the students of the schools of Ortonovo SP, at Spazio Made.


In 2014 in cooperation with a didactic project between the academies of fine arts of Carrara and Bologna he directs the fabrication of a monumental mosaic work by his students for the National Police Army of 1814-2014. The work Paratais realized (measuring over 14sqm) and is presented at the San Franciscan Cloisters of Ravenna. The work is placed in permanent exhibition at the entrance of the provincial barracks of Ravenna on September 19,  2014. The work in published in the catalogue of the gendarmerie, in the press, and television.

At the Academy of Fine Arts of Ravenna he organizes a stage for 12 students from the school of fine arts in Rome with Professor Sabina Alessi.

In April he organizes a mosaic class during the Mosaic Art Tour in Carrara. In May he gives a class on flexible marble mosaic rugs at the mosaic school of Montpellier. During the summer he gives 2 mosaic classes: one at the mosaic school in Montpellier and the other at  ;a Maison de la mosaïque  contemporaine at Paray-le-Monial, France.

In November near the Academy of Fine Art in Ravenna he presents to his students the artist Gérard Brandwith a meet and greet conference.

In 2014/2015 he is given the title of Professor for the class Mosaic Techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts of Ravenna and to pursue the didactic project agreed between the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara and Bologna.


In 2015 he gives a mosaic class,A cushion of tesseraeat Pralognan la Vanoise, in cooperation with Mosaïque Magazine. During the teaching program at the Academy of Fine Arts, he organizes a week long workshop with 12 students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome (with Sabina Alessi) the fabrication of a 9 sq meter mosaic pavement of 9 flexibile sections. It was installed at the entrance of the high school of Classical Studies of Tasso in Rome. The mosaic is themed on Jerusalem liberated. It was inaugurated June 4 2015 in front of the authorities of the Artistic and Classic Institute.

In July he gave a mosaic class of flexible mosaic carpets near the mosaic school of Montpellier.

In September he give a class at La Maison de la mosaique contemporaine at Paray-le-Monial, in France.

In October he is invited in Canada to teach 2 classes at Mosaikashop in Montreal, Quebec. He also gives a conference entitled <Reflections on The Art of Mosaics: History, Techniques and Definitions>.

In November he participates in a workshop on mosaics near CNR for ceramics of Faenza (RA) based on the theme of: <Archeometry, technology, and conservation>. He also presents the Paradethat was made with his students for the provincial regiment of Ravenna.

He organizes a conference at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna with the artist Gérard Brandwho spoke about his body of work, his working process and his inspiration.

In 2015-2016, in agreement with the two acadamies of fine arts of Carrara and Bolognia his position is renewed for the Acadamy of Fine Arts of Ravenna for the course: Mosaic Techniques.

In 2016 he participates in the conference MosaCONtemp, mosaics from Ravenna to mosaics from today, with a talk entitled Reflections on byzantine mosaics by the mosaicist at the Italian Cultural institute and at the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague. CZ. (the text has been published in the catalogue of the show)

In May he participated in the XVth International Mosaic Congress with the conference,  Mondomosaico three reflections on the realization of mosaics and the teaching of contemporary mosaics, (text is published in the catalogue of the exhibition) Spilimbergo UD.

In September, he taught a mosaic class From Matter to Mosaics, at La Maison de la mosaïque contemporaine, Paray-le-Monial, France.

In October, he is invited in Canada and teaches two mosaic classes in Montreal at the studio of Mosaikashop and gives a conference on the theme: My experiences and formative years.

In 2016-2017 in agreement with the two acadamies of fine arts of Carrara and Bolognia his position is renewed for the Academy of Fine Arts of Ravenna for the course: Mosaic Techniques.

En 2017

In January he organises for his students at the Academy of Fine Arts of Ravenna a conferance where his students also get to meet mosaic artist  Suzanne Spahi  from Mosaikashop : Montreal Mosaic School.

In the frame of the classes held at the Acadamy of Fine Arts of Ravenna, he directs the fabrication with his students of a mosaic monument dedicated to  Ruggiero Pascoli (father of the poet Giovanni Pascoli in commemoration for the 150th anniversary of his death. The mosaic « Per Ricordare » measures 2 x 4 meters. It was inaugurated at a permanant area in August  on via Emiglia at Longiano (FC) attended by the mayors of the participating cities to the project and the Acadamy Pascoliana of San Mauro, promoter of the project. (The event was transmitted at Rai 3 Emilia Romagna by Giovanna Greco)




Since 1980 he exhibits continually in Italy and abroad his paintings, sculptures and mosaics.


Between1992-2000 he collaborated with the theater director Ezio Cuoghifor the avant garde experimental shows for the Video Art Center of Ferrara, in collaboration withThe Faculty of Physics and Giorgio Celli.

He has three experimental shows events : « the horizon of the events », « the flexible elise », « the wing of meanings » in collaboration with the  Art Video Center of Ferrara directed by Lola Bonora, with Carlo Ansaloniat the Faculty of Physics and Giorgio Celli.

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